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how to change grain sell point names?

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Created07.01.2015 15:34

Jacob Osborn (ozzie337) 07.01.2015 15:35
I have been trying to change the name of the Grain Elevator but have had no luck. I change the file names in giants editor but it still doesnt work. Not sure if i am missing something or if im doing it completely wrong. Also i am playing on a modded map called region of texas.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.01.2015 09:11

to change the name of station (the tipTrigger) you have to change a UserAttribute of the trigger.

First open the user attributes panel (in GE: menu bar -> window -> user attributes).

Then locate the trigger/station you want to change.
Find the actual trigger (a box) which has all the attributes, like 'appearsOnPDA', 'isAreaTrigger', 'onCreate', 'stationName', etc.

Now you just need to change the value of the attribute 'stationName' to what ever you like.

Note: The value for 'stationName' is a string, which is either directly used or it is used to find an i18n entry.
An i18n value can be defined in the modDesc of your mod.
This allows you to translate the stationName into other languages.


Jacob Osborn (ozzie337) 08.01.2015 17:23
thank you so much it worked!!

Henry Petkau (SlootScooter) 18.03.2017 02:53
theres no 'stationName', 'appearsOnPDA' or 'isAreaTrigger in the user attributes'... and the xml doesnt change the name

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