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Created26.10.2009 20:45

Michael Br├╝ggebusch (Unknown) 26.10.2009 20:51
there is a Function explained in the Documentation called "hasXMLProperty()".
If i try to call this Function i get the Error
"attempt to call global 'hasXMLProperty' (a nil value)"
Is there another way to check if a XML key is present or not?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.10.2009 08:50
hasXMLProperty is only available in the latest sdk 4.1.5 (not released yet).

You can always check for the existence of some mandatory attributes, to see if a node exists. E.g. a filename or a node index, or an if-else combination of those.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 09.12.2010 10:14
It currently is released.
The engine version with Farming Simulator 2011 also is based on the SDK 4.1.7, thus it also supports this function.

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