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Add corn to mixing station?

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Created10.04.2015 18:47

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 10.04.2015 18:51
Hi, I love Marhu's mixing station but I don't like the straw mixture, to me it's unrealistic. I want to replace the straw with corn so I don't have 2 million litres of wheat or barley stored. Also, a corn ration is more realistic and would give corn a new purpose. This will be for my own personal use, not uploaded to another website. Can it be changed in the lua file or would I need to add a corn dump trigger in the editor? I have an Intel graphics driver so I can't use the editor at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 14:04
Hi, you have to use the giant i3D-file and edit mixing station trigger there.
Are you talking about the placeable mixing station?

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 19:50
Ya, the placeable mixing station. I'm just tired of harvesting wheat/barley for tmr and bedding. I was afraid I would need GE. I know how to edit maps and tweak xml files to my liking but unfortunately I have that stupid Intel graphics driver so I can't use new version of GE. I didn't see anything in the lua file so that's why I asked. Thank you very much for replying. I'll get this done someday. :)

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:24
No problem, if you want i can do it for you. It's fast and easy, do you want straw replaced with corn?

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:26
Ya, that would be awesome. Do you need the file or can you show how in a message?

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:38
I have the file and is finished or do you want something else changed?

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:40
Nope, I just want to replace straw with corn, not silage, corn. How can you get it to me?

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:48
I will give you a dropbox link here in a moment, sorry...i thought you will have changed you want to change grass and silage too? And what about planes? mixing station is accepting corn for straw, but straw is still showing when i'm filling corn.

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 21:55
I don't care if the plane still shows straw. It's only going to be me playing with it. I just wanted straw replaced with corn, corn harvested with the combine kind of corn. The hay and silage can be left the same.

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 22:06
ok, here you go:) give me a message if something not working for you. Not a bad idea, maybe it try it myself too...a bit more easy to plant corn :)

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 22:26
Thanks so much for helping. I removed the mixing station mod I had and replaced it with the one you gave me. I launched a new game and it doesn't show up in the store. Was I just supposed to replace just the i3d file?

Tom Pedersen (Unknown) 11.04.2015 22:33
no, you use the zip-file and put in your mod folder.

Kinnymonster (Unknown) 11.04.2015 22:42
Derp. I'm sorry. I copied pasted then deleted old one so it said mixstation(1). My bad. I can't thank you enough. Ton's of love, respect, and envy for what the mod community does. This is so awosome! :)

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