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Created29.09.2015 12:07

Jan Willem (Unknown) 29.09.2015 12:38
Hey Everyone,

As engineer at a wind turbine manufacturer I thought it would be nice to have a realistic wind turbine mod. So I am busy making a realistic model in Giants Editor. The turbine has to rotate in 2 directions. The first is the wind direction, the second rotation is the rotation of the blades. Now for the wind direction rotation I can use the 'script' which is in the .SHAPES file of the original FS15 wind turbine. At least, I think the rotation of the original turbine is defined in that file. The original FS turbine has also blade rotation but, and here comes the problem, the rotation axle of the blades is positioned perpendicular on the tower. A real turbine however, has this rotation axle pointed under a slight angle, a few degrees upwards. My turbine model looks ridiculous with the blade rotation axle perpendicular to the tower so what is the best way to fix this? Should I write a total new script or can I change the original turbine script or are there any other options?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.09.2015 08:21

just for the sake of completeness, here's the link to the original script:

But very interesting to know how a wind turbine works in reality.
Or what's wrong in our model ;)
If your company is interested in getting into the game you could contact us via email and we then can discuss any further cooperation.

About your actual problem ...
As we can see in this script (line 136) the blades, which are referred as "self.rotationNode" in this case always rotate aroung their z-axis, which makes it impossible to align the blades differently.
Sorry for that, but you would need to write a custom script to fix that.
The script should be fairly easy though ;)
I guess that you only need one more transformgroup between the head and the rotors which creates one more hierachical layer and therefore can be used to define the position and direction of the rotors/blades.


Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 03.10.2015 10:29

great idea to integrate real companies in the developing area of this game.
Maybe you can climb ledders up and down to see the fill volume of the slurry tank - or, much better: climb on top of a wind turbine and watch the great view over all your fields. And I mean climbing inside the tower, not outside like you're able to do this in FS15...

Best regards

Jan Willem (Unknown) 04.10.2015 20:08
Hy guys,

Many thanks for the reactions!
Thanks for the script and explenation. I've never done scripting before so forgive me stupide questions.
When I make a new script I have to put this script in a folder within my turbine mod folder and make a "sourceFile" link in the modDesc? And how can I prevent that the turbine not acts like the script he does now? maybe by changing the 'Placeble type' to something else than 'windturbine'?
That is indeed a nice idea. Whith a colleague I made also ideas for a wind farming simulator :)
The turbine I am making is an electric windturbine with a hight of 80 meters. In real life this is hard to climb so we have got a little elevator in the tower, but still a nice idea to be able to get to the roof and watch the whole world or just the turbine data (Power, wind direction, availebility etc.)

Many thanks!,
Jan Willem

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.10.2015 09:08

Jan, please have a look at this mod:

I guess a lot of your questions can be solved by this example.


Jan Willem (Unknown) 05.10.2015 13:34
Ah Emil,

Tanks, I will!

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