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Script to move object from one building to another

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Created22.11.2015 01:12

David Crawford (DavidLGCrawford) 22.11.2015 01:17
I am new to scripting for FS15 (but a long time programmer) and am trying to create a script that moves some fruit from one building to another. As an example, a mill takes in wheat and turns it to flour. Over in the bakery, they take flour and make bread. I want the flour to move to the bakery automatically as it is created. The two buildings would be in the same mod, just separate buildings.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.11.2015 09:08

it all depends on your scripts ;)

If you stick to our default triggers:
but create a custom one for your very own buildings it should be no problem to move any fruit type from one object to another.


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