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How to get rid of extra luas?

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Created24.11.2015 18:28

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 24.11.2015 18:30
Hey guys I'm wondering how I can get rid of all my extra luas in my map. I have exported all with files from a few maps and some objects have the same luas so I now have multiple in my map and I think they are conflicting is there a way I can get them to read the lua that's in my scripts folder in the root of my map?.... Or what else can I do to find out why the are conflicting

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.11.2015 07:51

in the best case modders put a how to file in their mod.

I guess it would be a good idea to remove all scripts first.
Then start to insert one script mod after another to see which files are really neccessary and how they have to be set up.

Also check the modDesc.xml of your map.


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