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GRLE Converter problem

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Created13.12.2015 15:17

Adrian K (Unknown) 13.12.2015 15:19

I want to convert my cultivator_density.grle file to PNG to check fields size but I have blank ( in black ) PNG file, no fields. Any help guys?

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 14.12.2015 09:01
in fact your cultivator_density.png is not totally black ( if your cultivator_density.grle is good )

the fields are very dark shades of gray ( almost black but not totally black ) and they are very difficult to see

James Gill (Unknown) 02.07.2018 06:00
All I get is C:\Users\James' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Press any key to continue . . . can anyone help me out.

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