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Changing Size of Crop

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Created03.01.2016 22:14

Bryce Conklin (KasKadia) 03.01.2016 22:17
I have created paintable trees to make creating a forest a lot easier.

My problem is the size is not big enough to match the other trees. I went into the .xml (of map) to change it. When I changed the size it does not affect anything.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.01.2016 07:23

what did you change exactly?

Note: you can place and duplicate an object very quickly in the GIANTS Editor.
menu -> Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts


Bryce Conklin (KasKadia) 09.01.2016 17:51
I am sorry I did not mean to say the .xml I MEANT to say map01 file.

<FoliageSubLayer name="treesTanne2" numDensityMapChannels="1" materialId="3060" cellSize="8" viewDistance="2000" terrainOffset="-0.8" objectMask="65520" atlasSize="2" numBlocksPerUnit=".25" width="8" height="8" widthVariance="0.1" heightVariance="3" horizontalPositionVariance="5"/>

I was changing the width and height

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.01.2016 07:59

you are at the limit [-8, +8] anyhow, so you can't scale it anymore.

You could create a new shape and assign that to as a blockShapeId to that foliageSubLayer.

But I would recommend you to use the default trees ... they look so much nicer than any foliage trees I have seen so far ;)
Again, there is a shortcut which makes it extremly easy to place trees(objects very quickly and efficient.


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