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I need help for lock Mod.

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Created10.01.2016 01:14

Ismael A. (Unknown) 10.01.2016 01:16
Hello, I want know a method for lock i3d or shapes files for only I can edit my mods.

There are persons selling mods of others modders with small modification, included vehicles original game.


J Merc-cas (Unknown) 10.01.2016 14:49
not going to happen.... Giants does not seem to care. Just keep your mods private that is what I started to do. Screw the community let them take countless hours out of their day to make their own mods.

Ismael A. (Unknown) 10.01.2016 16:23
Well, should we care, because thanks to the good mods have the sales volume and we do youtubers game videos.

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