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problem with MilkTruckTriggerPlaceable v2

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Created26.01.2016 06:56

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 26.01.2016 07:00
im playing the map hardworkin3 on a dedicated game server and have install the stopMilkSale mod v2 by Marhu and it appears to be functioning correctly. How ever MilkTruckTriggerPlaceable v2 agian by Marhu is not, have tried researching the problem but have come up with nothing.

it has been working in multiplayer, but has now stopped. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Andy Bundy (Bumsklops) 03.03.2016 20:20
Marhu has fixed this problem, see here:

V 2.1.0
Fix MP Bug

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 08.03.2016 00:25
there is a fundamental problem with the mod on a dedicated multi player server apparently. have exchanged posts with marhu and kevin suggested that the best solution is to build the stop milk function together with collection (fill) trigger into the map at the start.

have taken his advice on this and it works without problem. i created a milkTruckTrigger model to import and one other change to add a boolean variable to the cows husbandry and that is it.

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