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object link with player

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Created03.02.2016 19:24

Fractal Modding (Fractal) 03.02.2016 19:31

what I object to hook up correctly it can be wear Player?
I used this function button and did it exactly like this:

setTranslation(self.components[1].node, unpack(self.objectTranslation));
setRotation(self.components[1].node, unpack(self.objectRotation));
link(g_currentMission.player.rootNode, self.components[1].node);

the problem is that when I take a player and I'm moving this object lint.

Sorry for my English


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.02.2016 07:54

it depends on the physical properties (rigid body type) of the object.

If the object is not a rigid body you should be able to place it wherever you want.
Otherwise you might need to connect it by using a joint.


Fractal Modding (Fractal) 04.02.2016 15:44
The facility is able to "Dynamic" if you walk up under him and run to connect it takes it in a position which gave the lua but when I move it pulls Object.

Please look at the video as it looks at me.

I think it's the fault that I sprayer is to "g_currentMission.player.rootNode"

Sorry for my English - "Translate Google" hehe :)

PS: I tried to see how it is to Pitchfork Burner, but I do not understand how he did it not by using the function button in conjunction (link) with the farmer.


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