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Create new xml in new folder

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Created02.04.2010 14:50

Andy L. (Unknown) 02.04.2010 14:54

I can't create a new xml in a new folder!


Create an empty XML file


function createXMLFile(string objectName, string filename, string rootNodeName)


string objectName internal name for the object created
string filename filename (full path)
string rootNodeName name of the root node

i used:

function InterceptorInput:load()
InterceptorPath = g_savegamePath.."/Interceptor/InterceptorInput.xml"

function InterceptorInput:createXMLFile(InterceptorInputScript, InterceptorPath, InterceptorInput)

I know rootnode (InterceptorInput) is not right! But, which String i must use?

I would like to save something for all savegames and all Vehicles!

Greetings, Interceptor

Andy L. (Unknown) 03.04.2010 22:39

g_savegamePath is wrong

it's the way to savegames.xml

now i use

test2 = string.len (_G.g_savegamePath)
test3 = test2 - 13
test4 = string.sub (_G.g_savegamePath, 0, test3)
test5 = test4.."Interceptor/Interceptor.xml"

but, no file created

Ok, LS can't create folders!

Now it runs with!

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 21.04.2010 07:53
You can use the engine function createFolder to create new folders.

Andy L. (Unknown) 21.04.2010 23:13
Big Thx!

Thats it! :)

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