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How to read name inside a table

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Created15.04.2010 13:21

Andy L. (Unknown) 15.04.2010 13:27

how can i read a name inside a table?


table.name1 = 1
table.name2 = 2
table.name3 = 3

i know 3, but not the name of name3!

Tobias F (JD6930) 18.04.2010 17:41
hm, the name3 of table is 3.

there is no other "name"

but you can read the attributes of a table with:

for k, v in pairs(table) do
print(k.." "..tostring(v).." "..type(v))

For Example ;)

Andy L. (Unknown) 18.04.2010 23:42
I want to read the tablename, to save the input key in the correct format!

used for changing the mod-input ingame!

i'll try your example, maybe it's the right one!



You're the best! It's the right one! Very big Thx! :)

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