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Dedicated Server vs. 'Regular' Multiplayer

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Created19.05.2016 01:52

Aden Kuenzi (akuenzi) 19.05.2016 01:56
I am working on a script that 'digs up' rocks when the player uses a plow/cultivator. It works fine in single player and in head-to-head multiplayer modes: the rocks spawn near the tool with no problems. However, the situation was entirely different when I tested it on a dedicated server. A cultivator was used. It spawned rocks just as before, but it spawned them NOWHERE near itself. Instead, it spawned them 100-200 meters to the north and 100-200 meters to the south of the field in which I was working.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is my WIP Thread at FS-UK:

(1) Why would this work perfectly well in single player and regular multiplayer games and not function the same way on a dedicated server?

(2) How do I need to update the script, or what do I need to make sure it includes, so that it also functions on a dedicated server?

Thank you!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.05.2016 07:24

hard to analyze as we have no source code.

But one suggestion ... if you use the player position for spawning rocks this might be an explanation. Better use the vehicle/tool position or a random position inside the workArea of the tool.

I would suggest to check the way you determine where to spawn the rocks.
You can also use some prints on client and server side to get a better insight and check if all of your assumptions are correct.


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