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Removing cab suspension from a tractor

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Created23.05.2016 00:46

Andrew Chlad (Unknown) 23.05.2016 00:48
I have cab suspension on most my tractors but i dont like it and was wondering if anyone can help me take it off. I had a look at the scripts but its beyond me. I am new to modding so still learning the ropes. Thanks in advance.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.05.2016 07:27

take a look at the modDesc.xml.
Very likely the tractor uses a new vehicle definition which is a set of specializations.
If you're lucky the functionality of the cab suspension is a single specialization and can be removed easily.


Andrew Chlad (Unknown) 23.05.2016 11:56
What is it i am looking for in modDesc.xml.also do i have to do everything via giants editor. Thanks

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.05.2016 07:15

there is no need for the GIANTS Editor to modify a .xml file.

So, let's us an example:

If you extract that mod you will find a modDesc.xml in the resulting folder.
Open it with a texteditor (I highly recommend notepad++) and scroll down until you find (or search for) the section "vehicleTypes"

This section defines is used to define new vehicle types.
I guess "your mod" has that too.
Well, all you have to do is to remove the corresponding line.
In our exampe that might be the line:
<specialization name="passenger" />
or any other line.

In the end, the cab suspension might not be available as a specialization.
In that case you would have to dig through the .lua files and edit the code yourself (not recommended).


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