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Adding straw to default fruits

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Created02.11.2016 18:12

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 02.11.2016 18:13
Hey, I was looking over this:
And I was wondering how easy it would be to add straw to soybeans and canola in FS17, without changing anything else. Just make it so the combine drops straw. It seems possible, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Insight is appreciated.

Asger Nohns (Unknown) 03.11.2016 14:01
You sound try searching for words in the documentation here:

you could CTRL + F (find) for the word straw and you will probably be able to find something.

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 03.11.2016 17:26
Nothing really useful was found. I know that the fruit type needs a windrow, as wheat and barley do, but I am looking to add that windrow to canola and soybeans, without changing anything else.

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