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MemoryUsage, Why, they are not documented ??

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Created11.11.2016 21:17

Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 11.11.2016 21:23
Hi, I am a little disappointed, because in the video tutorials, and guide you release including documentation, you have never spoken of these small strings of code (written down), we find that it nicely in the store every mod. How do we know the values to be assigned, when it comes to new mod ?? I do not understand why, it is so impossible to document, and give this information ..


Greetings Ago.

Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 11.11.2016 21:41
Ok, solved Stegei gave me the answer quickly. Top!!

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 12.11.2016 08:47
Why not tell the rest of us the answer please?

Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 12.11.2016 10:38
Postby Stegei ยป Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:34 pm

They are not used on PC. These are used to calculate the number of slots on the console version. You have don't need to care about those numbers, they will be calculated automatically when mod is released for consoles.

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