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high lift tipper

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Created24.03.2017 12:33

Lachlan Brown (lbrow238) 24.03.2017 12:36
gday guys i have currently got a high lift side tipper made up and im needing a xml script made for it im wanting to be able to control it with the mouse like a telehandler so im guessing it will include mouse movement im no good at scripting have tried countless times and failed numerous times can some one please help me out with this script that would be wonderful thank you cheers from Australia

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.03.2017 07:36

what is a "high lift side tipper", could show us an imgae or a reference?

Anyhow, a trailer has "tip animations" and these enable the player to dump something on th eground or into a trigger.
A shovel is more flexible, because it does not need an animation, it just uses "movingTools".

But maybe it's not about tipping and your vehicle should do something else?

For a start to "mouse control" I would recommend a frontloader (e.g. stollFrontloaderFZ.xml).
Take a look at the miovingTool elements which have a "controls" element.


Lachlan Brown (lbrow238) 01.04.2017 16:42
its is from here in australia it is like a over loader trailer but tips to the side check this link out to see what i mean and see how i want it to operate

Eanna Wood (Eanan5) 02.04.2017 16:54
You need to make sure the origin of the tipper is down where it attaches to the chassis, This will make it rotate around that point. Then you go to your xml and add some code like this

<movingTool index="0>3">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL" icon="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/.png" invertAxis="true" invertMouseAxis="false" speedFactor="0.3"/>
<rotation rotSpeed="60" rotAcceleration="120" rotMax="87" rotMin="-5" rotationAxis="3"/>
<dependentPart index="0>12"/>

The first index should be the tipper. The rotationAxis is the direction it will rotate X=1, Y=2, Z=3. The dependentPart refers to a part that should move when the body is moved usually a hydraulic ram.

Best of luck with it!

Lachlan Brown (lbrow238) 03.04.2017 12:41
thank you so much for your help eanna but i sadly have no scripting knowledge and no bodys willing to make a script up for me so that leaves me wasted 200$ on a model thats useless unless you could be amazing and write one up for me please

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.04.2017 17:28

if you can create animations in Maya - go for it :)
(the animation can be controlled by the movingTools)

The xml stuff is not that hard - and in doubt somebody will help, for sure.


Lachlan Brown (lbrow238) 04.04.2017 12:37
thanks but i have no idea of animations aswell im only good at modeling and editing mods

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