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Can you make a memory map file with LUA

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Created13.05.2017 16:09

Benjamin Lund (Unknown) 13.05.2017 16:10
Can you make a memory map file with LUA for a mod for FS17?
If possible tell me how

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 15.05.2017 00:35
Your post could do with some improvement if you would like an answer here.
1. You should really explain what you mean by a "memory map". It's not a common FS thing as far as I'm aware, so most people will need some explaining.
2. You could do with a more friendly tone in your post. Saying "tell me how" will put off a lot of people who otherwise would've helped you. I understand English might not be your first language, but it isn't my first language either.

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