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Gate Open w/ Pay?

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Created04.07.2017 14:06

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 04.07.2017 14:06
Hello and Good morning to most.

I have a quick question. I asked this a long time ago and got the response of "not yet" so I wanted to shoot this out again and ask if anyone knows of a script, download or tutorial that will tie a gated entrance to the purchase of a property. What I mean is... the gate won't open until the property is purchased. I figure that there must be a way to do it since when you accidently drive over a property with a plow that is unpurchased the game will display a message that says "You do not own this field". So how do we tie that bit of code to a gate?

Any help or guidance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks and enjoy your morning coffee :)


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 07:47

the following script is used for gates/doors
You could hook in there and do what ever you want.
e.g. inherit a new clase from AnimatedObject and insert all the checks you need.


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