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Adding new grass types to a map to register the mower fs17

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Created05.07.2017 17:42

Richie Richie (rtwj2014) 05.07.2017 17:42
So i have looking to add a new grass type that can you can use the mower to cut. How would i go about adding that to the mower? I have the additional map types installed and the windrow associated with it but looking on how to add the mower catergory to register the new grass to be cut with a mower.
Thanks in advance

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 07:51

the original Mower.lua uses the following function
So, you need to overwrite/extend this function in order to make new grass types be cuted.
I'm not sure if the "additional map types" does this already.


Richie Richie (rtwj2014) 01.08.2017 13:39
I have looked at the additional map types and its not in there. How would i go about adding it into that lua?

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