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Is it possible to have multiple folding objects?

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Created28.10.2017 02:48

Bill Mcclain (banditbooker2037) 28.10.2017 02:48
I'm working on a hook lift truck and the hook lift is a foldable object. I also have a lift axle that I want to be able to control with a button press. The way the lift axle is coded in the xml is also under the foldable tags. So that means when I activate the hook lift, the lift axle is animated as well. So I took another mod of mine (the dump truck) with just the lift axle and successfully changed the input binding to a different button. Went back to the hook truck and copied what I did to the dump truck and It hasn't changed from operating both the hook lift and the lift axle at the same time. Is there anyway to have 2 foldable objects, or 2 seperate animations each controlled by a separate button command without using a 3rd party LUA script. I'd like to eventually try and get it on FS17 mod hub.

Thank You!

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 31.10.2017 19:29
I would also like to know answer to this, and why with two key bindings its ignored the second one for folding.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 03.03.2022 14:37
Is it possible to have multiple folding objects for FS22?

I have used the PIPE function for having ramps unfold on a trailer and the foldable function for the trailer deck setup for round bales.

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