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Configure fertilizer and lime usage

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Created11.12.2018 19:57

Mykola Kushnir (Mykola) 11.12.2018 19:57

Is there a way to modify fertilizer and lime usage from script or vehicle xml ? I can modify seed usage, but was unable to find something similar for fertilizer and lime. In FS17 we have attribute for sprayers/spreader like sprayUsage, but for FS19 it seems to be deprecated.

Use case:
I would like to have spreader which use less amount of lime.

Any ideas ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2018 20:02
<sprayer> <usageScales workingWidth=".." scale=".." />

btw: do you really need to open three topics?

Mykola Kushnir (Mykola) 12.12.2018 03:28
Thanks! Extra topic has been open by accident. For some reason post form has been resubmit few times.

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