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foliageAreas for placeables

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Created12.12.2018 22:32

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 12.12.2018 22:32
As the new landscaping tool offers no regrowing fruits, im trying to solve this in another way.

I made a placeable with a foliageAreas definition in the XML-file

<foliageArea fruitType="grass" rootNode="1|0" />

This is working quite fine, but are there any other fruitTypes (despite wheat, canola, barley, grass etc.) i can use for this method?

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 02.01.2019 15:39
any fruit type defined in the map

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 16.01.2019 01:11
Thanks I assumed that. bush01 (from Felsbrunn) isnt working, because it is no fruitType.

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