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Created14.12.2018 03:34

David Brown (mrscsi) 14.12.2018 03:34
Ok I am trying to make a placable farmhouse with a sleep trigger so I took the built in farmhouse and used it as a guide to setup the new one everything is the SAME right down to sceneograph placement and I am getting this error Error: Failed to find child 0 from node transform, only 0 childs given

Not sure what I should be looking for

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 02.01.2019 15:50
Please share your files.

Steve O Malley (Unknown) 03.01.2019 07:44
I'm new at this but I think the error is saying that its looking for an index and failing, so maybe an assigned index in the xml isn't the same if you built it from scratch or moved things around

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