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Plowable custom FoliageMultiLayer

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Created16.01.2019 15:35

Univerpix Studio (Unknown) 16.01.2019 15:35
In FS19 can I make a custom FoliageMultiLayer plowable from xml? Or I have to write a script for it?

Univerpix Studio (Unknown) 18.01.2019 07:19
Ok, I realized trere's no way to do it without a script. Can anyone help me which function I have to modify?

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 02.07.2020 21:07
Hello, did you found a way for that? I have the same problem... I have custom Foliage but I can't cut them when I'm plowing.
Thank's you for your help.

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