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Are Server-Only Mods possible

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Created28.01.2019 21:32

John Wick (Unknown) 28.01.2019 21:32
Hi all :)

Are Server-Only Mods possible?
I see that you can differentiate inside a Mod if it is run if the instance is a client or server.
But is is possible to have mods on the Server which are not installed on the client?

I'm thinking of trying something like whitelists, reserved spots and so on?

- Daszh

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 29.01.2019 06:10
It is not possible to have a mod installed on the server (e.g zip file) and not require it to be also added to all client computers and activated without serious changes to quite a few main files and even then you will probably still end up causing issues..

You can by all means make it only operate server side and only when used in a MP game but the mod will still need to be on each client computer even if it is not used.

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