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Add another tab to menu?

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Created16.02.2019 08:25

Extra Mental (Extra_Mental) 16.02.2019 08:25
Hi, im looking for a way to add another tab to the menu that shows the map and stocks prices and help. i want to add a tab just after help and make a custom menu in that.

Is that possible?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.02.2019 05:09
Possible: yes. But I have no 'ready-to-use' recipe.
Until another user gives you some hints, use the time to study the LUADOC -> GUI methods. You will need it. ;)

Markus Hausberg (Mmtrx) 04.02.2020 20:44
Hi Extra Mental,
if you are still interested in trying this - check out the "Easy Development Controls" mod by Gtx. He uses a copy of the complete inGameMenu (gui type: TabbedMenu). I have learned quite a bit on Gui mechanics by studying the scripts of this mod.

PS. Unfortunately, this mod contains no gui frame using the "table" type gui. I am still trying to make a table gui work. But it only shows the headers, and no data in the item lines of the table. Although I set / update all the texts (and also the "data" and "dataView" structures in the table element.
Do I miss a call (e.g. draw()?) to really display the row items?

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