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Created26.02.2019 19:40

Kaj-aage Henneberg (kahfs) 26.02.2019 19:40

I'm trying to learn some lua programming but I'm confused about the use of names in calls to FS functions.

An example. I have a table with some fruit names.

If I want to get the fillType of a certain crop, I write:
iFillType = g_fillTypeManager:getFillTypeIndexByName('WHEAT');

In the first line, names are enclosed by " ". In the latter by ' '.

I thought I could write:
iFillType = g_fillTypeManager:getFillTypeIndexByName(Fruits[1]);
but that doesn't work.

How can I save crop names in a list and use them in a function call?


Paul Laverick (paullaverick) 26.02.2019 23:51
Hi. I tried your bits of code and they seemed to work. I used this

print (g_fillTypeManager:getFillTypeIndexByName('WHEAT'))
print (g_fillTypeManager:getFillTypeIndexByName(Fruits[1]))
print "---"

and got this in the log

2019-02-26 22:48 2.000000
2019-02-26 22:48 2.000000
2019-02-26 22:48 ---

You are getting the filltype index, is that what you need?

Kaj-aage Henneberg (kahfs) 27.02.2019 17:32
Unbelievable. I tried this two months ago, and I got an error. Now it works. This allows a much more efficient script using for loops.

I'm, writing a mod assigning new values to a range of game parameters and have to access fillTypes, fruitTypes,animals, fields, husbandries, etc. It was not very elegant having to hard code a name into a function call. Storing names in a list is much more elegant.

Thank you so much Paul Laverick for helping me out with this.

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