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List of used Globals

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Created05.02.2011 03:15

Dirk Buck (Unknown) 05.02.2011 03:17
Hello Giants,
can you post a list and a short discription of the ingame global variables.

I know about g_currentMission and read about g_gui and some other. But i cant find any information which data where available or which functions.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 08.02.2011 13:48
Creating an extensive list would be too much of work right now. But you can ask for some specific functions you would like to know if they exist. You can also have a look at

There are some of the scripts available. By examining these you might find some calls to some global functions.

Milan Lekše (Unknown) 27.03.2012 00:42
Hi Stefan, can you tell me if there is a way to add more section in a store like trucks ... so we can move mods with FsIX mod in it


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