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add specialization in patch 1.4

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Created05.07.2019 17:58

Robert Schmidt (Dor_Schmied) 05.07.2019 17:58
for me ist not possible to add a specialization in a mod since the patch 1.4 !in 1.3 it works fine and why can nobody help with that Problem?

Martin Fabik (Hungar) 05.07.2019 22:47

just today I've added new specialization and it works. Here is part of my modDesc.xml:

<specialization name="trailerFix" className="TrailerFix" filename="scripts/TrailerFix.lua" />

<type name="customTrailerEdit" parent="baseTipper" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua" >
<specialization name="trailerFix" />

Martin Fabík

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