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Component2 Movement?

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Created18.02.2011 01:39

Timbertaz (timbertaz) 18.02.2011 01:43
How can i make a second component in a mod move up and down ?
i have tried using translation parts same as in first component without success.
Both components are RigidBody Dynamic if its to any help.

Timbertaz (timbertaz) 19.02.2011 06:42
Problem solved it was easier to move a object inside the component then the component itself.
Hope it help others with same problems

Thomas H. (Patar) 23.02.2011 10:44
You must move the componentJoint in the first component and use the function setJointFrame to update the movement to the movement of the componentJoint.

Gh Portefait (Unknown) 12.05.2013 16:43
Could you please detail you post Thomas H. (Patar) ?
I have a rigid body and sometimes I want to lock it to a lock position

Could you please help me ?

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