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move variable value between lua files

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Created18.12.2019 21:01

Andrej Mazak (eLvisSK) 18.12.2019 21:01
Hi im editing scripts in a realmanualtransmission and i need a help with transfering a variable value. I found a variable named spec.handThrottlePercent in function realManualTransmission:onUpdate(dt) in realManualTransmission.lua and i want to use its value in rmtmenu.lua in rmtMenu:onDraw() but i ...

Peter Harder (Peter62) 11.06.2020 16:24
Just store it in g_currentMission:

g_currentMission.myTable = {};
g_currentMission.myTable.myVar = "Hallo"

Andrej Mazak (eLvisSK) 30.01.2023 17:01
i found and answer now so thank you

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