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Created08.04.2020 22:01

Boarisch Bluad (BoarischBluad) 08.04.2020 22:01

I am new to scripting and modding, but me and some friends have a roleplay server.
We need a script that empty farms have no operating costs. Only if one or more players are online in this farm they have to pay operating costs

I hope somebody can help me



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.04.2020 04:17
How should this work? For each player had to be introduced something like "online statistics". And depending on that a partial upkeep?
Quite complicated.

And hey, come on. The upkeep costs are peanuts. Not worthy to write a dedicated script for such.

Boarisch Bluad (BoarischBluad) 09.04.2020 11:26
Yes, but if somebody sets the time to 4000x or someone's not playing a few days they are losing 50.000 - 100.000€ or more.. and that's the problem. We want that the operating costs only need to be payed if the player in this farm is playing, because after a few days these costs are huge and a small farm would not be able to pay those.

I'm not a scripting pro, would that be sooo complicated?


Boarisch Bluad (BoarischBluad) 09.04.2020 11:28
(Accidentally posted twice)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.04.2020 12:12
Also in real life you have upkeeps running independent from usage.
The game's normal upkeeps go roughly from 5-50 per building and day. Don't tell me, you become poor with this.
For vehicles you have no upkeep at all if it isn't in use.

What about animal husbandries? Shall these stop working completely?
There are costs for storages depending on fill amount. What about these?

All in all there's too much to consider for a little saved money.

If you don't like upkeep at all, play with mods where upkeep is reduced or removed completely.

Jonny Begood (Unknown) 12.04.2020 23:11
Do not limit the creativity of others. The question is pertinent and can facilitate the generation of new features if there is an appropriate answer related to SCRIPTING.

- "server": multiplayer
- "empty farms": zero players
- "operating costs": dailyUpkeep, incomePerHour
- "one or more players": list of players with attributes, number of players on the server or the farm
- "online": player status

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