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Created04.07.2020 23:15

Jfrax Jfrax (jfrax) 04.07.2020 23:15

I'm trying to get the Giants Remote Debugger to attach to the game client, and am running into a problem in the project settings where it shows Game Source as Farming Simulator 19, but I get a message when saving that "Your game source version is different to the executable version. Game Source Version Version". There's no option for in the Game Source dropdown.

Anyone know how to resolve this? The game is installed through Steam in case that's relevant. I'm new to GDN/FS modding, so just trying to get my bearings and speed up learning of the api etc.


Cory Blair (1234567891011) 05.07.2020 13:02
set the Game Source to "Custom Directory" and point the Game Source Directory to your FS19 installation folder

Jfrax Jfrax (jfrax) 05.07.2020 13:56
That did it - thank you!!

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