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Created10.09.2020 11:03

Danio Mods (DanioMods) 10.09.2020 11:03
Hi, is in fs19 option in foldable to add ability to fold/unfold only while it's lifted or I have to write new function ( if yes , what is the best option in your opinion to write it ( I thought about function which will measuring height to ground or how to call isLowered in FS19))

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.09.2020 14:04
If you fold a lowered tool, it is lifted automatically. So there's no special key required for a lowered implement.

If you want to query the status in a LUA script you can use the function "Attachable:getIsLowered()".

Danio Mods (DanioMods) 10.09.2020 17:48
I know but it’s my authoristic fold script , and I wondering how to get ability to fold /unfold only when its lifted. I will try with Attachable:getIsLowered. ;)

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