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Move a mod to map file

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Created23.10.2020 02:11

Tauno Pinni (HellBender) 23.10.2020 02:11
local directory = g_currentModDirectory
local modName = g_currentModName

If I want a to move a script mod to be included into the map file. to what do I change these 2 lines in the start Lua script, so that the mod reads from the folder inside map file? And how do i do with the ModDesc.xml when it contains <l10n filenamePrefix="translations/translation"/>


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.10.2020 08:50
'g_currentModName' is the name of the mod folder (or zip).
'g_currentModDirectory' is the complete path + modname.
So in general you won't need to change there anything. Except the script does some tricky things. In doubt examine the script for usage of these variables.

For the 'l10n' files you must specify the effective path relative to the modDesc. Simply copy the localization files to your mod's subfolder "translations" and you also don't need changes.

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