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Giants editor - lua scripting, keyevents, access to gui elements and more

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Created21.11.2020 17:34

RafaƂ J. (TheCrazyRafik) 21.11.2020 17:34
I'm in the process of creating toolkit of lua scripts that helps with map creation and I have some questions that I have to deal with.

Is there any way to catch keyevent by GiantsEditor? I'd like to create script that would work like swich case driver and run my other scripts depends on key pressed. I created easy callback based on "renderFieldArea" script, which allows me to run my custom script every update, but it obviously works for one script at the time. I read about keyEvent engine function but I'm not sure if all builtin functions I can use by giants editor ( in opposite of game running )

Is there any way to create spline via lua script?

Is there any way to manipulate gui elements by lua script? For instance setup terrainDetail sliders, or setting Foliage Channels.

As you see if I would by able to connect that functionality with keyevent script run I'd be able to create a lot of shortcuts for much more convinient map creating. In my opinion a lot of time takes to prepare / switch / mark elements of gui and I'd like to help myself and the others creators to make our life easier :)

Thanks in advance for the response

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