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Make topper fruitType configurable?

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Created08.02.2021 18:57

laureegrd 08.02.2021 18:57
Hi, I'm sorry if this is something already documented but I wasn't able to find much about it or related topics.

I know fruitPreparer specialization is not configurable by default, and I noticed the code only stores a single fruitType on the specs variable.
So I wonder if I could make a custom script for the topper to allow for the fruitType to be chosen in the store/workshop to avoid having 4 identical toppers (potato, sugarBeet + modded carrots and onions).
A topper that works for more than one crop at the same time would also be useful :)

I'm new at fs scripting, although not new at programming. At the moment I'm focusing on modifying vanilla or modded implements for personal use.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2021 14:46
A script for custom configuration in shop is quite complex. You'll need much knowledge and experience in FS LUA programming.

Easier is a script which lets you toggle manually through the harvester's supported fruitType(Categories).

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