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Created14.03.2021 20:23

Gunther Seymus (darkbullseye) 14.03.2021 20:23
Hello i have a mod with a pup trailer i can buy the truck but i cant buy the pup trailer...if i want to buy i get this error dataS/scripts/gui/ShopConfigScreen.lua(333) : attempt to index local 'configs' (a nil value)
Can somebody help me please

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.03.2021 05:26
The FS cannot read certain configuration data.
Maybe you have a typo in your xml, syntax error, mismatched open/close tags.
Check your xml thoroughly with a suitable xml validator, eg. the Notepad++ plugin "XML Tools".

Gunther Seymus (darkbullseye) 18.03.2021 14:29
Thanks for your respons now i am a little further i can now go in the store but he is hiding and when i buy or hire him he say

dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua(913) : attempt to index local 'data' (a nil value)

Now i can search further

Gunther Seymus (darkbullseye) 18.03.2021 14:48

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