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Get FillLevels of players Farm

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Created06.08.2021 04:09

Jan Krüger (flusinerd) 06.08.2021 04:09
I want to fetch the fillLevels of the players farm. The reason is: I want to know how much Wheat, Barley etc. is in all Silos that the player owns.
I am only caring about the amount that is also displayed in the "Map Menu" under the fruit type.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.08.2021 06:29
You must scan the 'g_currentMission.storageSystem' tables. This has the subtables storages, loadingStations, unloadingStations.
For reference see in LUADOC/script/objects the related sources.

-- example to get the sum of all storage fillLevels of player
local allFillLevels = {};
for _,storage in pairs(g_currentMission.storageSystem.storages) do
if storage:getOwnerFarmId() == g_currentMission.player.farmId then
for fillType, fillLevel in pairs(storage.fillLevels) do
allFillLevels[fillType] = (allFillLevels[fillType] or 0) + fillLevel;
-- simple console 'print()' the list
for fillType, fillLevel in pairs(allFillLevels) do
print( g_fillTypeManager.fillTypes[fillType].title .. " : " .. g_i18n:formatNumber(fillLevel, 0, true) );

Jan Krüger (flusinerd) 06.08.2021 12:52
Ty very much :)

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