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FS22 Script To Change Contract Rewards

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Created27.11.2021 04:12

Dark Ghost (xXxDarkGhostxXx) 27.11.2021 04:12
Go easy on me as I'm new to the FS22 modding / scripting side of things and have been trying to figure out how to make a script that will allow me to manipulate the earnings from AI generated contracts.

I looked over mods and scripts from FS19 such as reallifenumbers, better contracts, refresh contracts and a few other modifier scripts for things like crop yields and tried to put together a script but I'm sure I am waaayyy off on how to do it.

Is it possible to make such a thing? Would it work on a server environment? (want to use on my dedicated server me and my friends play on) and If so has it been done already for FS22?

Here is what I came up with but like I said. I'm sure I am way off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

ContractPricing = {}
function ContractPricing:onMissionInitialize(baseDirectory, missionCollaborators)
g_currentMission.MissionManager.AI_PRICE_MULTIPLIER = 1.5


Espen K. (estyx) 05.12.2021 18:52
Haven't tested this but should get you on the right path

For all missions:
function AbstractMission:getReward() end

For all field missions:
function AbstractFieldMission:getReward() end

For bale missions:
function BaleMission:getReward() end

For transport missions:
function TransportMission:getReward() end

And then you have all the separate field mission types if you want to tune each one:
- CultivateMission
- FertilizeMission
- HarvestMission
- PlowMission
- SowMission
- SprayMission
- WeedMission

Dark Ghost (xXxDarkGhostxXx) 10.12.2021 08:32
Thanks! yeah I ended up figuring it out with some help from a few people on other forums. I know have a custom built mod I'm running on my server that's working like a charm!

I set mine up like below.

SowMission.REWARD_PER_HA = $$$$$$
CultivateMission.REWARD_PER_HA = $$$$$$

and so on for the mission types.

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