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How do you mod with no documentation?

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Created13.12.2021 11:33

CaptainPi 13.12.2021 11:33
Seriously I don't get how people are making mods. Just trying to make a simple sleep mod which I think will be helpful for some servers.

I'm just trying to go though the reversed engineered docs from 19 and hope that most things carry across but they don't seem to have much anyway. If someone could help though that would be great.

How do I get the number of players on a server.

How do I distinguish between single player and multiplayer.

How do you keep a will to live.

I'm trying to just make a mod to only allow sleeping at night and only if there is more then one person on a map. I've figured out how to overwrite functions on load and I've figured out how to get the time of day and deny sleep. No idea what other shit the function I'm overriding does and what I'm breaking which is very frustrating.

Partly a rant partly a plea for help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2021 00:28
"how people are making mods" is quite easy. They do intensive researches.
And certainly one has to know where to find informations.

Here on GDN you'll find very much infos in Documentation, Video Tutorials and Downloads. Also Google is your friend.
The Giants Remote Debugger comes with LUA game sources according version.
Also the "" to FS22 is already available, but unluckily not for Steam/Epic. These have to wait for the debugger vs.9.
Maybe also present on other websites. But may disappear soon due to violation of copyrights.

meda2207 16.12.2021 16:42

Fyi - game sources are now available in Steam distribution too. They've been delivered with new update.

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