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new MoneyType and Finances screen

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Created14.12.2021 20:52

A Developer (mosern) 14.12.2021 20:52
I am trying to add a new moneytype. When altering money with this type I get this error:
“-500 € (Missing ‘NewType’ in l10n_en.xml)”

I am adding the MoneyType this way:
MoneyType.NEW_TYPE = MoneyType.getMoneyType("NewType", "NewType")

And I have this in the modDesc.xml:
<text name="NewType">
Can anyone se what I am doing wrong here?

I want to add this to the finances screen as well. No idea where to start. Does anyone know how to do that?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.12.2021 00:35
Many l10n expect a prefix alike $l10n_type_text.
IIRC for this money stuff it's $l10n_ui_anyMoney.
Try with <text name="ui_NewType">

Can't guarantee, maybe prefix doesn't match. And several l10n references are still not resolved completely.

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