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Where to find the definitions for g_currentMission?

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Created18.12.2021 12:48

Marcel Wirtz (pyr0t0n) 18.12.2021 12:48

is there any place to find which g_currentMission Variables are available?

I am looking for the restriction to place more than 10 animal buildings but can't find it. I found the function

function PlaceableHusbandry:canBuy(superFunc)

which checks


but i cannot find which variable this function checks to change the value.

Hope you guys can help.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2021 05:33
Tables like 'g_currentMission' you must examine yourself. If you're lucky someone else has posted it anywhere.
In your script you can use the function 'DebugUtil.printTableRecursively()'.

For more LUA documentation use the "" which should be in your FS user folder "debugger".

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