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How read and calculate 6DOF axis from current vehicle

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Created22.12.2021 18:31

Marciel Grutzmann (Marciel032) 22.12.2021 18:31
I want calculate 6dof axis to move a motion platform simulation.

Anyone knows anythink about this?

Currently, I read some values from vehicle, but not about phisics.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.12.2021 19:54
Basically you have to read continuously the translations and rotations from object, be it the vehicle itself or the driver's seat.
The rest is physics and a lot math to calculate acceleration forces.
Google for "6dof calculation" to get more info.

Marciel Grutzmann (Marciel032) 22.12.2021 20:25

Ok, Currently i have this mod that export the telemetry, so, i will just include more data.

I will register here my discoverys and steps, just to be more clear.

The first step will be get this values:

--Roll = in degrees - (-180 to 180) - Z axis
--Pitch = in degrees - (-180 to 180) - X axis
--Yaw = in degrees - (-180 to 180) - Y axis

I think they are the local rotation of vehicle, so the "getRotation(vehicle.rootNode)" will do the work, but i need to convert to degrees.

I will test this and report the results soon as possible.

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