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Created07.02.2022 21:15

Aldraxic (Aldraxic) 07.02.2022 21:15
Hello there, I'm relatively new to Modding Farming Simulator with regards to the Giants Editor and I noticed there's no way to add terrain into an empty/new map, I know it can be added via editing the XML files but I'm still learning how that could be achieved, besides this is it possible that it will ever be added in future for ease-of-access use? Appreciate any assistance with this thanks.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 07.02.2022 22:49
Do you mean importing some sort of terrain? As it is now, literally every one of the brushes is for editing or creating the terrain in some way. You could use a different DEM and that would change your terrain in a single go. I'm probably misunderstanding your question because it seems like what you are asking is more than doable in GE.

Aldraxic (Aldraxic) 12.02.2022 21:53
Hey sorry for the delay in responding, I was primarily referring to creating a terrain object that can be used in the scenegraph editor (Not imported), it doesn't seem there's a way currently to make such an object other than importing data already created into the editor manually.. But, I could be wrong in that assertion so please forgive if what I've said seems incorrect.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 12.02.2022 23:26
Editing in GE is a far cry from what is possible in unreal and other engines but it's nonetheless just as satisfying in its own ways. What you have in mind would have to be created externally in blender or such and then imported. GE has been making progress throughout the years so I have no doubt that many more features will be available down the road but to what extent, it's hard to say.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 13.02.2022 11:48
It would also help in understanding your query if you said which xml files are you editing to add this "terrain"

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