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Field Limitation?

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Created19.02.2022 18:51

Noah Wagnières (actinium) 19.02.2022 18:51
EN :
Hello, while creating my corners I ran into a problem. Everything was working fine until the moment arrived at the 121st field. When I create a 121st field, all fields spawn with the same culture... Is it therefore impossible to exceed 120 fields?

FR :
Bonjour, en créant mes corners je me suis heurter a un problème. Tout fonctionnais bien jusqu'au moment arrivé au 121ème champs. Lorsque je crée un 121ème champs tous les champs spawn avec la même culture... Est-il donc impossible de dépasser les 120 champs?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 19.02.2022 21:46
It is possible, my last map had over 160 I believe. I'm not currently somewhere I can double-check this but, check the number of channels in your map.i3d under the fieldDimensions infolayer. If it's 7, change it to 8. I'm not 100% if you need to change it somewhere else as well, like you would have to do for available farmlands. I'll double-check this later when I have the opportunity but for now it's a good start.

Noah Wagnières (actinium) 20.02.2022 10:18

Firstly thx for your answer, Your use an infolayer for you field. I personally used the corner system (with the blue polygone) and there is no info layer option on this method.

I already incresed the numberchannel of my farmland infolayer and it work perfectly.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 20.02.2022 18:45
Glad it worked out; I've been using that method long enough now that I didn't stop to think not everyone does it that way!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 24.02.2022 04:45
@Noah,had the same problem mine was at 77 after I made field 77 all fields got planted the same.I started with the base USmap that had 82 fields ,at the start reduced them down to 62 fields add two more to 64 all work ,then the "terraFarm mod" came out and made it part of my map add 7 new layers 10 new fillTypes,that is the only thing I changed whent back to making fields and could not make A field past 76.I don't know if it is the paintable layers or the fillTypes but I ran out of room somewhere.I changed the "terrainDetailHeight" from "numDensityMapChannels="12" " 12 to14 and this did not fix the problem.The only fix for me was to go and combined more smaller fields,just got all my fields made have a total of 61 fields,I kept it as low as I could because I have areas to clear and make fields,becuase when I was testing with the fields at 76 ,whent in and created with a plow new field and saved game and exited game the game closed bad and messed up my graffic setting ?

sorry no good fix wish I new, did you add any paintable layer or fillTypes?

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