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Visibility conditions and Audio

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Created20.02.2022 14:31

Kim Gowney (KimGowney) 20.02.2022 14:31
I am trying to create a set of audio files each set to a separate season, I am using a separate transform group for each and setting the parent conditions to the group, but somehow the conditions set do not seem to be properly inherited by the child audio's, is there something I am missing or do audio files not have the ability to be set to parent control?

Kim Gowney (KimGowney) 21.02.2022 16:11
No Probs, I got it sorted in the end, for some reason the game is not matched to the gamesave as regards time, the game was in march but when using the command line to show the state it said it was summer, time of day was correct but season and day was wrong, I think perhaps sleeping to speed up time may have a bearing on it, no Ideas otherwise, anyway, it's back in synch now and sounds are working OK.

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