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GIANTS editor has all of a sudden stopped opening

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Created11.03.2022 12:37

protein 11.03.2022 12:37
Was usingthe editor fine then all of a sudden it won't open...I click on the giants editor icon it opens off the edge of my screen for a brief second them closes...was working fine 30 mins before hand tried reinstalling and still doing it any suggestions? Thanks

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 12.03.2022 14:15
What were you working on beforehand? What is in the error log? The thing with GE is that if your i3d contains certain errors/conditions, GE simply will not open. There is a good chance that whatever you were working on beforehand now contains such an error or condition. Have you tried to narrow down the issue by opening a known working file, like something from base game?

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